After the thief

I know it was you
that look in your eyes
meeting with my own
I floated I quietly moaned
struggled to find my breath
You mercilessly looked on still
Your gaze piercing now my heart
I couldn’t breathe
I couldn’t talk
Couldn’t plead for mercy
you saw me die
and I think you enjoyed
the writhing of my body
as the last breath escaped
as I trembled like a leaf
close to lifeless stood
I needed life support
Left in a trance
Dazed I saw your shoulders tall
As you walked away
And I whispered
“I die” but
You heard me not
But I am on the hunt
For you cruel thief
Resolutely merciless
Who went away
With my heart
Look this way again
the eyes of the thief
are unmistakable


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