You gave me the best, father

That special moment of realization that I did, indeed, receive my inheritance; and it was sealed.  You sat me on your lap and read with me; we played rough and tumble.  You sang me a lullaby and told me a story or two. You chastised me when I erred and wiped a tear from my eye. You gave me an education and taught me hard work, honesty, etiquette, wisdom and to have a good heart and be faithful … and lots more values … Then I scorn all the earthly wealth you left behind.  You see, I already got the RICHEST SHARE.  Let others scramble, alone; mine is untouchable.  And I read it in your eyes as you breathed your last, as I helplessly watched you go. Your last words to me, even as you writhed in terrible pain: ”Alex, are you alright?” “Yes, Daddy, I am alright’‘, I assured you. ”That’s good”, you replied, giving my hand a firm grip. Thank you daddy, I couldn’t ask for more. Our moments will forever be treasured; they are my inheritance. Do rest in peace, daddy, because I am alright.


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