Barireeta – they will bring the cows
hard, orange-shaped breasts
rounded hips swing
graceful neck, your gait, as you
balance the water pot from the well
singing sweetly as
you grind millet on the stone
walk the fields in search of wood
with friends pick the carpeting grass
for you my heart sinks
one day this path will know
only echoes of your footsteps
while a beautiful, young girl I see
naughty men whistle at you
herds boy on the ground, wine tapper atop his tree
beautiful Barireeta holds her head high
gaining self-awareness as her body changes
awareness is growing elsewhere too
employing skewed, broken lenses
in their myopic view
Barireeta is child no more
her father sees cows
the village boys unconquered territory
Barireeta the beautiful
ripe and ‘Ready to eat’
“Enyamwonyo ku ekura eriibwa”
(Ripe bananas are ‘ready to eat’)
my clansmen will say
Barireeta shall be her name
her father proudly announced
at the news of a baby girl
thus her fate was sealed
Barireeta …
soon, and really soon
some shameless man
will bring the cows

©Alexandra Kukunda (2015)


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