I will not sing with you
the song of discord
play not the harp
harp with broken string
confused notes from a rusty flute

how can I dance on festered feet
my body aches
from endless uncoordinated moves
swaying bending jumping twisting
under eerie dark skies

tonight I choose

choose to dance under the moonlight
to the rhythm of my own heartbeat

the drums stopped playing
but you go on dancing to
the stale tune in your head
pulling frenzied strokes till
your loincloth falls
naked you stand
in full view of the entire village
unperturbed you dance on

the voices
derision and scorn
hush – they know

none will follow

©Alexandra Kukunda (2015)


4 thoughts on “SONG OF DISCORD

  1. Once, just once, haven’t we all dreamt of doing this (even metaphorically), but haven’t… and won’t ever? Guess that’s the difference between being a child and us grown-ups!

    Nice piece, Alex!

    PS – where have you been? Hope all’s well with your world? Come and visit my page some time! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks for reading, Kunal Thakore. Wow, glad to know my little pieces have been missed. I have been a little unwell, and also had problems accessing internet because of the costs involved. That is part of the leadership I am decrying here in this poem. We continue to resist and ‘word’ it out… Definitely giving your page a visit. I have missed this ‘place’

      Liked by 1 person

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