I was fragile then
clean, unadulterated, innocent but
deemed sinful and in need

You were chosen to stand in the gap
between God and I
The triangle complete
God, you and I

You pledged you promised
to educate and guide
in the ways of piety

I looked to you as father
but as I grew, ripening and blooming
your lewd eyes flitted
you began to flirt and
I began to cringe

You default on the code of the Great Book
the tenets of religion
shunning the Creed, the word and prayer
with intent to take and not to give
in cohort with thieves and liars
your promise now archived
on a termite-infested shelf

Neglected and stunted
I now shy away from my image
struggling to my feet
wobbling my emaciated bones
in search of some sunlight and warmth
even the sun fails to cast a shadow
maybe I am now a ghost
a ghost that will haunt you

So long in waiting
so lost a soul
mustering my last strength
I choose to renounce you
remain fatherless and
lead myself to God
©Alexandra Kukunda (2015)


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