Why O why

Why do you take our loved

Our lovely ones away

Leaving us torn and teary

Palpitations anxiety sleeplessness

Feeble knees carry my empty vessel

A hollow in my stomach

No sound comes from my throat

As I grunt from within

Memories haunt me

My heart is bleeding

Red-shot eyes filled with pepper

The sun is cold the wind is hot

Lonesome in the crowd

My loved lovely is so gone

Left me alone sinking in emptiness

I am a shadow of who I was

Shamelessly claiming selfishness

You’re gone you know not

You feel not

It’s me I pity it’s me that pains

It’s now about me

What about me

My shadow faints I think I am gone

But the raw pain of your going

Of your absence and

God doesn’t answer why

He let’s me feel the pain the void

My shadow passes out as

Dizziness clouds my

Saddened soul

Grief cannot be

Defined or explained

Selfishly I want you back to

Answer some questions and

Assure me I am not crazy


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