This necklace

The ring around my neck
part of me now
was the necklace
strung together bead by bead
the sweat of
my mother’s tired hands
labour of love she told me
never never tires
heart rending heart wrenching
nerve wrecking yet
most rewarding
bead by bead fondly finger
like the holy rosary
take this creed from me
each bead speaks to you
admonishes chastises you
mix of colour and texture
strung on one string
life comes in shades
never take it off
mother said
knotting it round my neck
she stopped to breathe
the beads fell apart
my heart still recites
the feel of each bead
the sweaty smell shall
still keep my heart
for each year I still live
a bead I shall place on her stone
and she will know
I stayed so true
©Alexandra Kukunda (2015)


6 thoughts on “This necklace

  1. Thank you Juliet. Glad it touched you. Iam a mix of rural/urban childhood and I find the rural experience so much richer and deeper – hence the poignant touch


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