[Uganda celebrates her 53rd independence from British colonial rule on 9th October 2015.  This year, at 50, I dwell on the memories of our experience as the school choir in a rural school in Uganda in the 1970s.]

Bare-footed boys and girls
Our Primary school choir
Sang praises in honour of our nation Uganda
Songs whose composers we knew not
Reechoing words of freedom
Melodies and lines practiced and parroted
In meticulously pressed uniforms
Barefooted boys and girls entertaining
Well dressed District Commissioners, Education Officers,
Head teachers and Distinguished guests
Sitting in their VIP shade as
The lucky choir members and
Their gifted choir masters
Sat under the scorching sun
Awaiting our turn to sing the
Song of Independence and
Receive our applause
The day we sang at the Boma grounds and
Drank a soda each
Was Independence Day
In the 1970s

I am older now
And sing my own song

The peace and calm
I cultivate in my own life
A basic foundation for me
To reach out to humanity
To love self, reach out to love and
Learn to be loved

Allow me to love and to laugh
To think outside your own parameters
To see with my own eyes into
The window of my own heart and,
To make my own mistakes
To employ my intellect and muscle but
Have free what God granted free
To experience life raw, pure and clear
To redeem myself
Unto prosperity

Without self esteem
I would be
but a lost ship without a radar

©Alexandra Kukunda (8.10.2015)



  1. Hi Alexandra! I’m glad to meet you. 🙂 Your poem is beautiful in how it touches on the importance of freedom to all of us via this glimpse into your past, as well as how you are living your life now…..guided by your personal freedom.

    Liked by 1 person

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