August fires spread unabated

Devouring chunks of dry grass

A strong, fierce gale

Dry grass in dry season


Festered and oozing

Limping and in pain

Wounded we trudge on

Longing for relief

As scavengers hover above

Scheming for an easy meal


As we traverse the barren land

Some fall by the wayside

We cry

But no one hears


We huddle under a leafless tree

Baring and daring the elements

As light gives in and, conquered by darkness

Betrays us to the mercies of the night


Hush, your enemy sleeps with you

The whooshing wind whispers in

A strange language and we begin

To drift apart


Downstream the river is washing away

The sand with the gravel

The jackal laps to his fill as

The owls hoot ‘toot toot’


I go into labour

No midwife shall birth my child

Nor prescribe anything for the process

They eat our children


My co-wife shall be my aide

For we have taught ourselves

Shared interests and common goals

We have learnt to weave a cord that’s

Stronger than our foe

We do not take turns to breathe anymore

We know that air is our right


I labour not in vain and I

Shall protect with my very life

This new life I bring

Into this unforgiving world

His name shall be Redemption


My tears of pain from the years of pain

May my enemies never witness

Until them I turn into my trusted allies

And together shall we

Nurture the child of peace


As he cries his first

My Redemption

The sun begins to rise

©Alexandra Kukunda ( 2015)


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