beautiful valley of death

beautiful valley of death


at the intersection

of these hills

the beautiful valley

of promise


hands locked and

hearts thumped

till they stopped beating and

here we first died


today back to back

dead we stand

deafening silence reigns

each presence stinks and

kites hover above as

our eyes averted

in blinding blank stares

scale the heights


these hills we always wished

would fold us in

lock and fuse us

under the tectonic wave

that swept and rocked

in what was eternity


these hills choke us now

and hold the pegs

that tether us imprisoned

by a passion foul


this beautiful valley

where in secret we met

where I waited

singing with the birds

hiding behind the palm tree

awaiting familiar whistle

my heart bouncing

like an inflated ball


beautiful valley

now haunted and eerie

ghosts of infatuation


in webs woven by

unqeuenched passion

panting and sighing

looking for a home


bonded hearts whose

blood inscribed

every unsaid word

indelibly stained souls

sigh in agony


our immortality left us

the day we died in

each other’s embrace

in this beautiful valley


mortals now we stand

weaker than ever before

clad in nakedness

before each other’s heart

shivering under the heat

sweating in the icy presence

at the intersection

between life and death


the stream flowing

so effortlessly

affords two little birds a splash

their flapping and chirping

annoyingly welcome


stolen glances

meet in shame

and fists unclench


we are ready to die



(c) Alexandra Kukunda 2015


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