leaning against these pillars


my soul refuses to die

encased in my battered

bruised and blinded body

I choose, like Samson

if I should die then

with the Philistines let it be


in my silence building strength

briddled tongue

breeding and nursing a riddled

seething heart


because you took

from me you grabbed

enslaved my body

mauled and devoured


you choke, ‘poor thing’

but as you wave your arms

“Our Man” we chant

the praises that oil your heart


only I am able to see

despair command your soul

as your frantic panting now

evokes the pain of the

countless times you

forced yourself upon me


you gagged my mouth

telling me empty words that

you were not the first


alas the pregnancies you denied

brought forth your replicas

bearing your birthmarks mannerisms and all

and I named them all

with your clan names


poverty, hunger and disease

iliteracy, unemployment

corruption and greed

and their numerous siblings


I baptised them myself

with the waters of my tears

and I helplessly watched

my life ebb away as you

nurtured your little monsters

leaving me for dead


now you grope in darkness

let your children hold your hand

rename them if you will


you sold your soul

you lost yourself


my battered soul

untethered and resolved

summons her last strength

and declares it’s time

to purge and cleanse myself

of this abomination and curse


with my hands against

these pillars I stand

stronger than ever before

and what my blinded eyes see

you cannot fathom


awakening has come


(c) Alexandra Kukunda 2015.


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