renewing my vows


I shall be waiting for you tonight

I know you’re anxious too

the moon is half and dim

the stars decorate the sky

sounds and distant echoes

feasting and jubilation

drums, singing, dancing and eating

near, far and wide

welcoming you my love


wonderful moments we shared

we had our seasons come and go

we had our fights like lovers do

you promised we’d start anew

tonight I wait for you

corner street 365

midnight sharp I’ll be there


I have adorned myself with sweet essence

my chest heaves for you

with a tightness of anticipation

as your scent fills the air

you will not tarry my love


my soft loving arms await you

my bewitching smile of white teeth

like milk of the Ankole cow

with new charms I’ll make you sigh

you’re glad you came

as I renew my vows to you


and all my people

across the nations and the seas

shall ululate in concert

as you enfold me in your strong arms

our lips lock in love

losing ourselves in embrace

glad we found each other again


(a) Alexandra Kukunda (2015, December 31)


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