Sezibwa Falls – the experience


falling and roaring

speaking through to my soul

as I gaze and marvel

waiting for you to tire

yet you never retire


I care not for your rich

history and heritage now

transfixed in mind even as I

walk your grounds

the rock and the green


above, you gently flow

then pour your passion

as you fall spraying

a measure of yourself into the air

and touch the foot with a thud


I drink in the anger

my passion aroused

every nerve on edge

roused and reawakened and

I too feel invincible and mighty

you take me in and I lose myself

I rise I soar


shrines, altars and divinations

dead fires and broken earthenware

enclaves and crevices of mysteries

confluence of reverence and exhortation

beauty gazing revellers

studious curious minds and

hungry souls


sublime you impose

bearing on the rock

to which you gently flow

before you monstrously jump

to your well calculated

but careless death

then, assuaged, ebb away

slow and lazy again


what a journey

paradoxically leaving me

exhausted yet refreshed and

yearning for more


and you, after giving of yourself

remain unconquered

roaring away, magnificent as ever

and beckoning more

into your embrace

the sensual  rays

of the setting sun

kissing your magnificent form

the Sezibwa Falls


(c) Alexandra Kukunda  2016


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