Today is Valentines Day I hear.
Love is supposedly in the air.
Cause to spend and get silly.
Force butterflies in your tummy.
Smile and dine and wine.
Hopefully no whining.

But yes, Real love does exist.
Deep down everyone’s heart
A softness so sweet
Ready to give
Ready to receive
And even believe
In the goodness of love

I choose my love each day
I reach out and feel life
Tree leaves sway
The birds still sing and chirp
The sun rises and sets
The moon comes and wanes
Dew greets me in the mornings
Some days mist stings my nose
Wind sings through the bushes
Large birds glade high above
I lie on my lawn
And count the stars
In my small locality
I call home

I fall in love each day
I fall in love  again and again
And will forever love
I seek out new loves

Beyond my home
Waterfalls, lakes, rivers, hotsprings
Hills and caves, and rocks
Blooming, scents and buzzing
Creatures beautiful and graceful
Feathers and furs
I seek out new loves

And sit still
Reliving every stolen moment
Shared with you my loves
Captivated yet again
Swayed and lost
In love

And this day
To you
I dedicate

(c)Alexandra Kukunda ( 2016)


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