I am a pebble

I am a pebble washed ashore
rounded and smoothed
at the belly of the sea

I see the sky above and know
boundaries too can recede
feet kick and shove sand over me
a wave returns to wash me clean or
wash out some shells too

I am a pebble cushioned on the
warm sea sand
lovers stroll past me
igniting envy I knew not I had
loneliness grips me

I feel a gentle tap and
suddenly lose my bearing as
I am lifted into the
softest of hands

It’s beautiful
she exclaims as she feels
the smoothness of my skin
holding me to her soft cheek

As he tightens his grip
around her beautifully curved waist
she cups me firmly in her hand

I am a pebble washed ashore
I am hewn from rock
my history long
my making a process

I am a pebble
beautiful, smooth and hard

I find my new home on a mahogany chest
a strange love showered on me
but  far from home
where other pebbles lie

I am a pebble cold and lonely
© Alexandra Kukunda (2016)


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