Sitting on daddy’s stone

I sit on this white stone
shivering in the evening breeze
I want to walk away but
I hate to leave you out here
in the cold

under this cold white terrazzo
that decorates your house
in the belly of the earth
from whence you
now remotely command
in front of your home
and watch over us all

I sit on this cold stone
and read beautiful words inscribed
you’d love them I know

on this cold stone
a warmth radiates between us
it is well, papa

across the fields
your cows and
the expanse of all
that now matters not
for you are done
with all that is vain

I want you to know
that we cherish you still
that you guide us still
this cold white stone encases
but imprisons you not

I’ll leave you out here
in the cold and go
into your house
to dwell on childhood memories
reading, talking and more
where we shared tea
did crossword puzzles
daddy, and much more

I will take a pen and
write you a letter
please read it daddy

(c) Alexandra Kukunda 2016


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