a woman questions women’s day

here again
International Women’s Day
how many lives will be changed
by this year’s observance
how many women will benefit even in some modest way
from ‘their’ day
how many women will be glad
that they were born women
and not curse their lot their fate

nothing to celebrate but
their usual struggles
unrecognized unappreciated
they labour in birth
they labour in the field
nurturers patient and resilient

how do we celebrate today
when on our tongues the bad taste
remains from last year’s
stale and tasteless promises
how many speeches will be given in our honour, by leaders who know nothing about us
our state and our needs
how many women will
stand out there today as ‘our’ representatives to say words that represent us not

how many women somewhere
are fighting for their right
just to be human
how many women have
sold our cause to be
and ridden on our backs
and chocked our throats
thinning us out
they fatten themselves
dining with the devil
bankrupt and impotent

the day is upon us
celebrate not an annual event
celebrate a woman’s life
choose today to be the one
that changes the life
of one woman
with true empowerment

(c)Alexandra Kukunda ( 8.03.2016)


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