price for my soul

out into the cold
with vintage scarf shrouded
hidden underneath this mask
behind the camouflage
a wanting, fragile soul

hide and seek with police
luring enticing haggling
competition is stiff
I lay my trap in wait
chewing and torturing gum

cold against my skin
my rosary I shamelessly twine
with my waist beads
night after night for
this despicable trade

eyes closed I give in
silent, cursing and
filled with hate but
focused on my dues
a little more of me
my innocence robbed

bitterness, anguish
pain and gain
simmering in a broken pot
a paradox of destruction

shattered heart, tattered spirit
I trudge home
clad in nakedness
clutching full purse and
an empty soul…

(c) Alexandra Kukunda 2016


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