time binds you no more dad

you were right, dad
tying you to a date isn’t right
time binds you no more
so what if you left years or days
exact date of birth unknown
it only matters you were here
your blood in our veins flows
who but are mortals with a span
living beyond you and us
a legacy we pride in
of a race well run
within your human limits
teacher of all beyond the class
I sat on your lap
you tied my shoe laces
forced me to eat brown bread, greens and cheese
and yes you yelled at me
games, sums and spelling
crossword puzzles and poetry
lots lots more
to aim at improving my best
dirty hands and being real
listening without prejudice
questioning and challenging
to look before I leap
my little hand in yours 44 years
yours in mine at your last hour
thus a journey of friendship
was interrupted by transport
that left me stranded here
but wait not for me yonder yet
for I am here still
living out the life you taught me
relishing every moment
and being really real
thinking of you
but whining not
… and did I tell you
my grandson made a year?

(c) Alexandra Kukunda 2016


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