moonlight with age

I look up into your face
I wait for the wink
But see it not
And I sigh

Stealing an occasional glance
I bask in the warmth of your light
Against the chill of the evening breeze

Playing hide and seek as
Each fluff of cloud passes
You tease me as you look down at me
I hold tight my lover’s waist
Each time you hide your face

Hush, beautiful one
I knew a little girl once
That used to sing and dance and play
Enchanted and enthralled
Your sweet little voice ringing
As it floated over the hills
In the quiet of the night
You embraced the whole of me
And then you were mine

Each night I rose
Little eyes awaited me

Today you hold another’s waist
Hand in hand you stroll
You neither sing or dance no more
Or even read my face

Today I only light your path
And as he holds you close
I miss the little girl you were
And the passion that we shared

Love is ageless
I love you still the same
And shine forever will

(c) Alexandra Kukunda 2016


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