See I rise from the ashes

My tattered form isn’t my shame
It’s what you do to my name
That defines the crown you wear

My poorly clad heart encased in my battered body
Wrenched twisted and discarded
Refuses to give in

Sipping brew with a straw
In the company of real men
Sits a shadow of the man I loved

Writhing and gyrating in slow but sure strain
I drop only one tear and
As the soil drinks it up
You choke on your beer

I crawl to the Mutooma tree
And lift myself to lean on its strength
I grow roots as I stand
Embracing it’s everlasting form

I feel every twist in me
Sobering me from pain
No longer shall I partner with
Or be defined by
Dejection, hunger and abuse

I cannot afford bitterness
Our currencies incompatible  and frequencies lost in time and space
Each strike of your hand
Sealed your sorry state of defeat

I rise above your spite
And find the woman in me
My marrow defrosts and I come
To meet you at your weakest

What I had become is
Who you really are
Every twist in me declares
I am just an exhibition
and you
The very theme

( Alexandra Kukunda 2017)


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